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Birding in Northern Argentina


Iguazú National Park

Have you ever imagine birding in one of the most spectacular falls on earth? Check our tours to this fantastic Park, where you can find incredible floks of Great Dusky Swifts, beautiful Toco Tucans, Suruca Trogons and many other species surrounded by the magnificent Iguazu Falls. more info...


Urugua-í Park and Karadya Birding Lodge

Less than 100 kms away from Iguazú are two of the greatest Birding Hotspots of Argentina and you can take a day trip from Iguazú or stay at the Birding Lodge to maximize your birding experience! more info...


Araucaria Forest, Iberá, Patagonia and NW Argentina

Check our tour to other destinations in southern Misiones, Corrientes and the Iberá Marsh, Tierra del Fuego and Salta. more info...

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We are a company with more than 20 years of experience in the area; we are profesional licenced birdwatchers allowed to work within the National Park and we always use top quality gear from Vortex Optics to maximize your birding experience

Iguazu Birdwatching

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