This tour combines the best of these two provinces in a four days trip. Southern Misiones is the area where the Atlantic forest meets the Southern Cone Grasslands, allowing us to explore both megadiverse habitats in a few days.

We will visit Urutaú Reserve and the Cañadón de Profundidad Provincial Park, where we will see both grasslands and Atlantic forest endemics. Culture will also be a part of this trip at the San Ignacio Miní Jesuit ruins and the Iberá “Estancias”. After some 2 days at Misiones we will move to Corientes province at the Iberá Wetlands, the second largest wetland in South America after the famous “Pantanal”.

This amazing place is incredibly wild, with mammals like Capibaras and Marsh Deers all over the place, and literally hundreds of caimans laying on the roads. Birds are also fantastic in the area, and species like the Strange-tailed Tyrant and the Jabiru Stork are always present!


Southern Misiones

  • Day 1: We will start early at Posadas (from the hotel or the airport) and leave to the Urutaú Reserve at Candelaria, less than 20 kms away from the airport. This is a great area for waterbirds like the Muscovy Duck and the Whistling Heron and for grassland endemics like the Streamer-tailed Tyrant, the Sharp-tailed tyrant and the Wedge-tailed Grass-finch. After spending the morning at the reserve, we will have luch at the many “Parrillas” at the area and use the afternoon to visit the P. P. Cañadón de Profundidad. This park is within the ecotone of the Atlantic forest with the grasslands, allowing us to explore part of the vast biodiverse of the Atlantic forest birds. Night at San Ignacio
  • Day 2: Early in the morning we will visit the “Teyú Cuaré” Provincial Park, right over the Paraná River, and check for more Atlantic forest birds. In the late morning, we will visit the San Ignacio Miní Jesuit ruins, the best-preserved Jesuit town in the area, built at the late 17th century. A after lunch, we will drive to northern Iberá Watlands, at Cambyretá entrance near Ituzaingó. After checking for grassland and wetland species near the town like the Greater Rhea, the White Monjita, the Southern Screamer and the Jabiru Stork we will visit the Bahí Carayá area and have a nice local dinner there. Night at Ituzaingó area or Cambyretá
  • Day 3: Full day at Norhern Iberá. Dozens of species of waterbirds and marshbirds like the Whistling Ducks, the Jabiru Stork, the Maguarí Stork, Scarlet Headed Marshbird, White-headed Marsh-tyrant and the famous Strange-tailed tyrant can be seen during this day, along with mammals like the capybara, the Marsh Deer and the Nine-banded Armadillo. We will also enjoy caimans and if we are lucky the rare Yellow Anaconda and the wide biodiversity of the wetlands. Dinner at a local reserve. Night at Ituzaingo or Cambyretá.
  • Day 4: We can either go back to the northen Iberá area or visit Santa María reserve and Bahía Carayá for a boat trip at Yacyretá lake. Drive to Posadas. End of the trip.

Transportation: in four-wheel vehicles
Tickets to National Parks, reserves and the Hummingbird Garden
Accommodation: A mix of wildlife lodges when possible and hotels.
Food: full board.

Iguazu Birdwatching.


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